School Consultative Forum (SCF)

Each UEF school has a School Consultative Forum (SCF), comprising representatives from the school’s stakeholders; parents, teachers, students and the Utahloy Education Foundation (UEF).

The SCF’s function is to consider matters of relevance to the school and to offer advice to the UEF Board (the Board).

The SCF takes as its reference point the school’s vision, mission and aims and seeks to support and promote the school’s development in achieving its goals.

The SCF is a forum for discussion of issues as seen from the various viewpoints of its members, who collectively seek to give reasoned and constructive feedback to the Board.

The Board will consider the views of the SCF in formulating policy on the conduct of the UEF and its schools and, in particular, in reviewing the schools’ development planning.

The SCF will usually meet on three occasions during each school year and will receive reports from the Head of School (HoS), teachers, students and parents. The meetings are chaired by the Education Consultant (EC) of UEF. Meetings are normally joined by the following non-SCC members:

  • Tuenbo Group Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • Deputy Heads of School
  • Senior Education Officer Marketing & Information (UEF)

The representation on the SCF is as follows:

  • The HoS
  • 2 elected representatives of the teachers; 1 each from primary and secondary phase
  • 3 elected representatives of the parents
  • 2 representatives of the students
  • EC of UEF


UEF School Consultative Forum (SCF) UEF School Consultative Forum (SCF)