Message from the UEF Director

When I reflect on my role as the Director of UEF, the one word which always comes to mind is ‘privilege’; the opportunity to play a part in the lives of so many hopeful and energetic young people, their families and their teachers. For me there is no greater satisfaction than being in one of our schools, seeing at first-hand the dynamism of our campuses, the leadership of our Heads of School and the commitment and high quality of our teaching teams.  Above all, the vibrant and multi-talented student body inspires my belief in our Foundation as a truly international and forward-looking learning community. 

Our former students write to us from universities world-wide to tell us how the UIS IB curriculum prepared them so well for their advanced studies and has given them a head start as independent and lifelong learners.  Above all, they look back on their time at UIS as one of support and challenge which developed them as rounded and passionate young global citizens.  That is why we are here.

As you browse through these pages it is my hope that you gain some insight into what is so special about our schools and understand why to be the Director of this Foundation is, simply, a privilege.

Dorothy Wong